Grow Your Passion

Identify your strengths and interests and work on your Passion Project

Course Summary

This is a course for students in Grades 8 and 9 who are thinking about college. Unsure about what you'd like to study in college? Which stream of study should you pursue? What activities should you do that will help for college? This course will break it down step by step for you so that you are best prepared when it is time to apply to your dream college.

Course Curriculum

Shabina Hoskote

Esha C.

Grade 9, Singapore

I found this course very useful. It helped me select activities that I not only enjoy, but will help me to build up towards my college goals. 

Jee-You Chou

Grade 10, China

I was able to get started on my book project and I'm really, really into it because I just love creative writing! Ms. Hoskote also helped me select my subjects for IB, and I feel confident that I'll go to Grade 11 without any confusion.

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    Grow Your Passion
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